Security Assurance

Security assurance is available for all businesses. This allows businesses and financial institutions to build trust with their staffs, customers and third parties by assuring them that their information is private and protected.

Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

GRC go together. Risk is understanding uncertainty. Compliance focuses on adhering to policies and regulations, micro and macro(subject).

Enterprise Security Services

Enterprise security is a multi-faceted concern that includes both the internal or proprietary business secrets of a company as well as the employee and customer data related to privacy laws.

Cybersecurity Solutions

You Can Protect Your Organization’s Cybersecurity with our solutions

Network security

Network security in recent times has become a broad term that covers a multitude of technologies, devices and processes. In

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Cloud security

Cloud computing is the delivery of hosted services, including software, hardware, and storage, over the Internet. The benefits of rapid

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Data security

Data security is synonymous with the protection of data from unauthorized access and data corruption throughout its lifecycle. Data security

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Device Security

Device Security alludes to the measures intended to ensure sensitive data are put away and communicated by workstations, cell phones,

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Latest News

June 6, 2022

State-Backed Hackers Exploit Microsoft ‘Follina’ Bug to Target Entities in Europe and U.S

A suspected state-aligned threat actor has been attributed to a new set of attacks exploiting the Microsoft Office “Follina” vulnerability

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June 6, 2022

Apple blocked 1.6 millions apps from defrauding users in 2021

Apple said this week that it blocked more than 343,000 iOS apps were blocked by the App Store App Review

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June 6, 2022

Anonymous Hacktivists Leak 1TB of Data from Top Russian Law Firm

Rustam Kurmaev and Partners work with the Russian government and other high-profile banking, media, oil, and industrial companies, including American

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