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Managed Security Services

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2018)

The effective management of a cyber security incident can greatly decrease its severity and cost. As budgets tighten and operational resources are harder to come by, outsourcing your security solution is an excellent way to achieve operational excellence of the security technology while freeing you up to focus on your business.

Access Security Specialists That Manage Your Key Assets with the Right Attention to Detail

Our outsource model delivers highly qualified security specialists made up of senior consultants that come with deep and wide security experience of more than 10 years. This includes security architects and engineers, penetration testers and incident responders as well as our governance, risk and compliance teams that intimately understand how to apply policy to all operations of security.


The diagram below outlines how we deliver our managed security services:



Our security engineers compliment the skills within your own business so your staff can focus on what they do best.

Key reasons to engage SpearHead Network as your managed security services partner:

  • Access security expertise at your doorstep As a local Australian consultancy with offices in major cities, we provide a high level of personal service to keep your business functioning and secure from cyber threats. Because our security engineers operate almost as though they are part of your organisation, they will have a real understanding of your key information assets and will collaboratively work with your team to build a secure framework across your most critical assets.
  • Reducing your risk –By outsourcing the management of your security solution or platform, you never have to worry that the security of key information assets will be vulnerable due to staff leaving and then having to up-skill new staff to the right level of competence. Consistency in managing your security is essential, as cyber criminals will exploit any vulnerabilities or weaknesses within your business or staff if vigilance is lowered.
  • Control your Security Budget with Predictable cost –A SpearHead Network managed service agreement not only provides excellence in security management, you will know exactly how much to pay. This is unlike the seesaw of dealing with varying costs associated with hiring consultants at different rates, hiring new staff or putting existing staff onto training.
  • React Quickly to Threats –Deep and wide experience is critical when faced with a cyber threat. When a new situation occurs – whether that is ransomware, a cyber incident or system failure – you can pick up the phone or email an engineer and have it resolved quickly and efficiently. Our expert security specialists don’t waste valuable time researching forums or learning by trial and error.
  • Resource Allocation Made Easy –Instead of having to find time to schedule in work, you have a team of engineers who can work on your deployment within pre-defined SLA’s. This means you have a guaranteed time to delivery when you raise a request, and you are not trying to juggle projects internally.
  • Tap into Security Thought leadership –Because we take the time to develop a detailed understanding of how your network operates, what your risk appetite is and what your information assets are, we can provide you with specific, focused advice on how to best structure your deployment to ensure your overall risk is reduced. Our reporting also provides your engineers with the ability to focus on the most critical tasks required so your business remains secure.

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