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Device Security

Virtualization Security

The cloud has offered unprecedented efficiency and agility. Whether an in-house private cloud, or migrating servers to Amazon or Azure, infrastructure as a Service has allowed businesses to spin up platforms, ready to take applications in seconds rather than days or weeks, and adjust capacity as required.

Mobile Security

Improved capabilities of current mobile devices are converting

 them from portable email clients to viable desktop replacements and now viewed as the centerpiece of modern information knowledge work. In some cases, 

such as Windows 10 devices, there is virtually no difference between a tablet and a desktop, except the form factor.

Endpoint Security


Antivirus is dead. The rate of detection within 24 hours of release of a new malware strain is in the low teens and criminals are deploying new strains every 3-5 hours. Almost every instance of Ransomware in a corporate environment is to attack a computer-running antivirus.


Patch Management

Every IT manager knows that patching is a critical part of maintaining IT infrastructure yet it’s often left in the ‘too hard’ basket. While many organizations have gotten away with not patching in the past, this window of low risk is coming to an end.


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